Co-Joint Development

How your idea becomes 200%

Co-joint development results in the best outcome for both product and industrial processing.

You know it better than anyone: the idea for a new food & beverage product or an in-vitro testing kit is only a success once it has been realized. Getting your new product to the finishing line means overcoming all the obstacles involved in scaling up from lab samples to mass production. We are there for you as an expert partner throughout this process, ensuring not just success but, above all, cost efficiency.

Working closely with you, we supplement your expertise with our own to ensure your products can be produced on an industrial scale. The synergy between your product and our machines is what guarantees success. As a Swiss mechanical engineering firm, we not only offer established expertise from decades of experience, we also think ahead – in every aspect of the process.

Our goal is to draw on our wealth of experience in a broad range of applications to make every product development process an industrial success. 

In practical terms, the decisive point for both you and for us is when we begin working together. We are experts in the entire process of product development. That means that the sooner you present us with your concept or design, the more potential we can unleash together with the mechanical engineering solution. 

Getting to know us – what you as an engineer, project manager or controller can expect


We like to start from the beginning: That is, with your idea for a new product. Our practical experience shows that having the freedom to think creatively, without limitations, offers all parties the best starting conditions for developing your new product and the ideal machine and system technology for its production. Naturally, we take into account previous solutions and successes from a range of applications, while also taking a wider view and exploring new approaches.

We always trust in the big picture: Our engineers are part of our team and we integrate your colleagues, too. This puts everything in the right place – your expertise and ours, from a wide range of disciplines and specialist areas. The focus is always on applying the ideal combination of your expertise and ours to product design, material selection, production processes and quality assurance measures, to name just a few factors. Ultimately, we all have the same ambition: minimal planning risks, maximum result quality.   

We’re happy to spend a bit more time listening: We want to make sure we’ve understood you correctly, right down to the smallest detail. Only then can we develop the absolute best solution for every technical issue. 

We also understand the importance of dialog: We ensure a continuous feedback loop between your product designers and our experts in a wide range of specialist areas, such as technology, qualification, sample production, process development and procurement. This establishes a solid foundation across departments, effectively bringing together the best from all sides.

We push boundaries: We take a multidimensional approach – and not just in technical issues. When we consciously think beyond design barriers, we can often tap into totally new approaches to solutions. And to back up what we promise, we have a strong network behind us. Suppliers, technical partners, subcontractors – where necessary, we pool all the available resources to come up with even better solutions. 

We keep up the pace: That also means not reinventing the wheel! To get a quick start on a technical solution for your new product, we draw on our established portfolio of standard platforms. Using tried-and-tested solutions with targeted modifications frees up capacity for innovation where it’s needed.

For us, there’s no such thing as can’t. We’re here to design the perfect production process for your product. We put our energy and enthusiasm into realizing the impossible – as quickly as necessary and as efficiently as possible.

If you’ve been searching in vain for an industrial manufacturing solution for your product, you’ve come to the right place. Especially if your product idea has fallen on deaf ears elsewhere.

You can measure our success by the many tailored customer systems now going into serial production on the market – and the next big breakthrough in trailblazing engineering for IVD products or the food & beverage sector will be just around the corner. 

We believe we can offer the optimal conditions for actively shaping the future of in-vitro diagnostics and food & beverage production with you.

Do you agree? Then we look forward to your assignment! Get in touch!

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