More than just a job

At Rychiger, technicians, engineers, sales managers and many other professionals work together and share in the success. 


Flat hierarchies and productive collaboration

Rychiger employees work in a versatile and stimulating environment. We offer fair conditions of employment and care about our staff. We respect our employees and communicate on eye level. Our corporate values and principles of management guide us in all we do.

We advance the wellness of our workforce through our internal health management program and promote professional development with internal and external training options.


Welcome to the team

When you join Rychiger, you will get a proper and systematic induction to your job so that you will soon feel at home in your new work environment.

For us, it is important that this induction is completed at the earliest possible stage, so that you quickly get to know your colleagues as well as your tasks and responsibilities. Through the "Rychiger inside" program open to all employees, you get a glimpse into the work of other divisions and professionals at Rychiger. Through such measures, we promote communication across departments, foster respect among staff and strengthen the team spirit.

We are proud of the collaborative spirit that lives in our teams and promote our corporate values. Throughout the year, we organize various staff events and celebrate the successful completion of projects together with all teams involved.

Work-life balance

We know that a good work-life balance is very important for the wellbeing of our workers. Flexitime hours without fixed presence times, extra paid holidays, a company pension scheme and an internal health management program are just some of the benefits enjoyed by our employees.

Fair wages

Our salaries are based on a fair wage policy where equal pay for equal work is just one of the guiding principles. For Rychiger, internal wage equity is more important than external wage equity.

Personnel development through training

Our success is built on the dedication and skills of our workforce. We therefore invest in personnel development, including management training. We promote internal training activities and regularly meet with our employees to discuss their long-term career prospects. We keep an eye on developments in the industry and the market so we can upskill our workforce to meet new demands. Through investing in people, we are able to achieve extraordinary success, to the benefit of all.

On the road all over the world

Day after day, our employees tackle new challenges and work closely with customers. Rychiger employees travel the globe and come into contact with different cultures, industries and production methods and thus broaden their horizon. As representatives of Rychiger, they carry our corporate spirit into the world.



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