We make good things better

Greater quality plus lower costs equals added value. That is why Rychiger is constantly pursuing innovative ideas that turn your plant into a smart factory.

Eyes on the future

For us, innovation must always serve a purpose. We want to make good products better, for instance to achieve the same high quality with fewer resources. Or to boost quality without increasing costs – for both processes and products.

Our innovation experts constantly analyze the latest trends in the market and scrutinize new legislation. They examine new materials and technologies, and keep up to date with changing market requirements and consumer expectations. Based on this information, they then work towards a solution, following a technology road map that guides them through the process.

«Perfect is the enemy of good.»

– Voltaire

Better all the time

Our innovative systems for the filling and packaging of healthcare and food&beverage products often cause astonishment, and clearly demonstrate that there is nothing that cannot be improved further. We are proud of our experience and reputation as a trusted and innovative manufacturer of special machines. As technology evolves, we evaluate the latest possibilities for use in our latest designs.

Ready for the next step

Rychiger employs a dedicated team of innovation experts who work exclusively in development projects. Depending on the task at hand, they can always rely on the support of our engineers specializing in automation and vision, and consult our food&beverage and healthcare product experts. We also involve our trainees in development projects, as they bring a fresh eye to the table.

Solutions with real added value

We look for solutions that offer real added value to our customers. How can we make our machines safer, more efficient and easier to operate? Modern packaging machines must be reliable and flexible, yet automated to a high degree. In forming, filling or sealing, our top priorities are minimum operator intervention, high availability, short retooling times and low maintenance.

Multi-disciplinary approach to the smart factory

Perfection requires constant investment in R&D. We pursue a multi-disciplinary approach to integrate the latest developments in digitization, automation, human machine interface design and process technology.

We take digitization seriously. By combining sensor and network technology with artificial intelligence, big data and image processing, we bring the smart factory to life. For customer staff training and after-sales support, we use augmented reality, particularly in connection with remote troubleshooting and predictive maintenance.

Experts in your industry

Where we know the industry, we can think ahead. That is why our business focuses on the following sectors:

  • Food & Beverage: Our innovations aim at further optimizing the packaging of your product by combining robust processes with high availability and minimum waste. Thanks to our close ties to leading packaging material manufacturers, we have in-depth knowledge of the market.
  • Healthcare: Strict hygiene standards tend to push up costs. Through clever machine concepts, the omission of certain geometries and smart module layout, we are able develop tailor-made solutions that meet your hygiene requirements, are easy to clean and also keep your costs down.
Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept
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Technical support
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