Packaging material

Perfect packaging solutions for quality products

For primary, secondary or tertiary packaging – we work with all conventional materials and assist you in finding the best solution for your product. 

If the packaging of your goods needs to meet particularly onerous quality standards, Rychiger is your partner of choice. Whether you produce coffee capsules, reagents in racks or gel cards – you need packaging materials that protect your product and make sure that it retains its distinct properties. In many modern products, packaging and content form a functional unit. Your packaging must appeal to end consumers while protecting your product along the logistics line. We cooperate closely with our customers to devise the best packaging solutions for their specific needs.

Tailor-made from the start

Are you about to launch a new food, beverage or healthcare product and need to find the right packaging? Then please contact us.

Ideally, the issue of packaging should be considered as early as possible in the product development process. Together with you, we devise the perfect solution for your specific product, taking into account costs, processability, production rates, process risks and all other relevant factors.

From the drawing board we move straight to the lab in order to simulate the packaging process under realistic and reproducible conditions to make sure that the chosen packaging materials meet your requirements. In a next step, we work out how to best integrate the packaging process into your production line.

As a pioneer in coffee capsule production, Rychiger has huge experience in primary packaging.

How much packaging do you need?

First of all, your product needs a primary packaging that protects and preserves it and appeals to the end consumer. In many modern products such as coffee capsules and gel cards, the primary packaging and the content actually form a single functional unit.

Secondary packaging provides additional protection and often serves as a marketing tool. For shipping, goods are normally placed in tertiary packaging.

Primary packaging is our core business

What is the best lid foil for my container? Which cup material should I choose for my product? Our team of packaging specialists can answer all your questions regarding primary packaging.

Primary packaging is in direct contact with the product and its ingredients. It is therefore important to know how the various substances and materials interact. To find the right primary packaging, we first of all need to know a lot about the product itself: Is it to be refrigerated? Does it undergo thermal processes? What is its composition? Must the product be protected from light? Does the packaging need to be resealable?

Innovative healthcare and Food & Beverage products always pose new challenges with regard to packaging. That is why we work closely with you towards a common goal: best quality.

Healthcare: As your products must be protected against contamination, our machine modules meet the most stringent hygiene standards. This applies of course also to the handling of the packaging materials where we minimize steps where operators come into contact with the product or the critical surfaces of the packaging. With all this in mind, we help you find the perfect solution for your product. 

Food & Beverage: Primary packaging often serves a functional purpose. In coffee capsules for instance, the content and the packaging form a single functional unit. Take-away food that is pushed out of a foil packaging requires no cutlery. Choosing the right packaging is thus also a choice in product design and marketing.

Primary packaging must of course also take into account your logistics. Should your product or packaging be recyclable or biodegradable? We help you find the best solution. Primary packaging is also an effective marketing tool at the point of sale. Attractively packed products simply sell better.

Materials for primary packaging

In principle, any material that protects your product and enhances its handling and functionality can be used for packaging. We work with a wide range of materials and know what works best:

Plastics - preformed containers: Such containers are ideal for many products and ingredients. Apart from the material composition, the main choices are: Mono-material or multi-layer? Peelable or non-peelable?

Plastics - foils: Plastic foils are commonly sealed to preformed containers but can also be used in other ways. For microfluidic applications, we seal foil to foil to produce micro channels.

Aluminum - preformed containers: Aluminum is typically used as a high-barrier packaging material. It is however known to chemically react with certain substances. In such cases, we will advise you on the best barrier layer for your product.

Aluminum - foils: Aluminum foil is widely used for lids on plastic and aluminum containers. We offer modules for the on-site forming of containers.

PP, PS and PET, biodegradable plastics and non-woven foils, laminated or metalized plastic films, aluminum with or without barrier layer, paper, and more – we are familiar with all conventional packaging materials, and have close ties to leading packing material suppliers.

Your partner for all your packaging processes

Initially, our company dealt primarily with primary packaging. Based on this experience, we branched out to other packaging and are now equally versed in secondary and tertiary packaging. 

Secondary packaging often serves to protect the product, for instance as an additional aroma barrier in the form of tubular bags made from plastic film. Air-tight aluminum cans are excellent high-barrier packaging units.

For a suitable secondary packaging solution, logistics requirements and attractive product presentation are however generally the main concerns. In this context, sales units consisting of cardboard tubes containing a specific number of coffee capsules spring to mind.

Tertiary packaging bundles multiple secondary packaging units for easy transport. The preferred material here is cardboard. Whether you wish to run a top loader, side loader or wrap-around machine –

Rychiger offers you a reliable solution. Thanks to our proprietary developments, close ties to business partners in the packaging industry and our subsidiary Nuspark, we have become a leading specialist in cardboard packaging solutions.

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