Project management

In control at all times

Every Rychiger machine is unique, as it is designed and built based on your specific requirements. Our product management team makes sure that everything works smoothly from the first draft to commissioning.

Whoever is put in charge of the project at your end, Rychiger always appoints a senior engineer to act as the project manager. During the entire project time, he makes sure that your requests and concerns are heeded by our staff.

The project manager knows exactly what is happening, and makes sure that the timeline and the specifications are met. As he keeps you posted on the progress of the project, you stay in control – as if you were at our factory.

From the first draft to the final acceptance – our project management system ensures methodical and fast progression through the various phases.

Transparent and methodical

Whether you ordered a filler for coffee capsules or a large packaging machine for gel cards – your project manager at Rychiger makes sure that all technical issues are clarified in due course, takes charge of procurement, supervises the assembly of the machine and is on site for commissioning. In addition, he is responsible for controlling and strictly follows our internal principles of good project management:

  • Focused: Are we still on track? We constantly monitor the progress of your project against your requirements and benchmarks. Your project manager at Rychiger represents you and your interests in all internal discussions and decisions. Thank to this approach, our special machines are of unrivaled quality.
  • Transparent: Do you want to know how we are progressing vis-à-vis the agreed timeline? For us, transparency is as important as it is for you. That is why we regularly send you updated, project-related documents, from planning overviews and open issue lists to minutes of meetings. In shared design review meetings held during the development phase, you have once more the opportunity to outline your goals so that none of your requirements is overlooked.
  • Methodical: Our project management team defines and assigns the tasks and ensures that all parties involved know what they need to do next. This methodical approach enables us to implement your technical specifications down to the last detail, preventing costly redesigns and adjustments down the line.

Firm grip on costs and quality

Rychiger is known as a reliable partner. We agree costs in advance and always meet deadlines. You therefore will receive a machine that meets or even exceeds your expectations at the agreed time, ready for final acceptance. Your unit undergoes continuous in-process checks and inspections long before it is shipped. At our factory, it is subject to milestone tests with meticulously defined benchmarks, followed by a factory acceptance test. In the process, we test the safety systems and devices (EN13849-1, ISO EN DIN 12100) as well as the electrical equipment (EN61439-1 / EN60204-1).

One-stop shop for all your needs

From the initial planning to the acceptance of your machine – your project manager at Rychiger is always there for you. You can expect:

  • Transparent project planning
  • Review meetings during design phase
  • Efficient management and control of project changes with project change notes (PCNs)
  • Coordination and documentation of all project steps
  • Organization of services, such as operator training
  • Scheduling of FAT (factory acceptance test) and SAT (site acceptance test)

Open communication

Do you wish to talk to us in Swiss German, High German, Mandarin or English? We make sure that we understand each other so that your requests and concerns are always taken on board. In many projects, we communicate in English, although this might not be the mother tongue of all parties involved. We therefore always appoint a project manager who is familiar with your country and its culture, and also with your target market. He has the same goals as yourself – achieving top quality and precision.

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