Turnkey units

Seamless technology

We design and build turnkey units for the Food & Beverage and healthcare industries, offering solutions where all components are perfectly matched for maximum productivity.

Are your labels applied by a machine from one supplier, while cartoning is done in a unit from another manufacturer? Then it might be time to have a look at a turnkey solution from Rychiger where all production steps are combined into one seamless process. We are your specialist for turnkey units designed specifically for healthcare and food&beverage products.

One-stop shop for all your needs

Rychiger offers you all-in-one systems that handle everything from product feed to cartoning – turnkey as it should be. Our dedicated project managers know every detail of your new turnkey machine. During the development and design phase, they keep you up to date on progress and make sure that all technical interfaces are perfectly dovetailed. As they take full responsibility for your project, they are of course present on site for the acceptance of the machine.

The biggest challenge our project managers face when designing turnkey units is the integration of assemblies and components from third-party manufacturers. Thanks to our experience in the field of filling, sealing and automation, we have seen many such combinations before and know how to avoid potential problems and incompatibilities. That is why many customers ask us to act as a general contractor for their projects.

We know which formats and dimensions work best for safe and efficient processing.

Your partner from the start

For turnkey units, we follow of course a holistic approach, which means that we prefer to be on board from the very start of a project. Whether your business involves coffee capsules, gel cards of diluent racks – if you are looking for a turnkey solution for your food&beverage or healthcare product, please contact us. You will be delighted with the practical advice and hands-on assistance from our experts.

Take advantage of our experience and know-how in automation, filling and sealing technology, gained in hundreds of projects worldwide. Each turnkey unit is of course engineered and customized to suit the specific needs of the operator.

Comprehensive advice

As your project partner, we can answer all your questions and solve any problems that you might encounter. Customer queries often concern:

  • Interfaces: The biggest challenge in connection with turnkey units is the seamless integration of assemblies and components from multiple manufacturers. Whether upstream or downstream – in all our projects, we have always succeeded in devising smart solutions for the integration of third-party technology and modules. We offer our customers complete production lines with seamless interfaces where all functions interact smoothly.
  • Partnerships: Given our long-standing partnerships with leading system suppliers, you can be rest assured that your turnkey unit from Rychiger meets the requirements of the European Machinery Directive and is as efficient and reliable as promised.
  • Digitization: Are you looking for a solution that allows for continuous monitoring with real-time data transfer? Our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solutions meet all Industry 4.0 requirements.
  • Simulation: What is the production rate of a proposed turnkey unit? How many staff members would be required, and what are the consumption figures? To obtain such data that is crucial for production planning, we use advanced simulation tools.

We take responsibility

With Rychiger as your general contractor, project management is a streamlined process, as your undertaking will be handled by a dedicated project manager who will of course be there for you during and after the final acceptance of the machine.

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Project management
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