AF 50

Powder filling under lab conditions 

What you test in the lab needs to be reproducible in serial production. With the AF 50, you can determine the relevant parameters with high precision, for subsequent upscaling to industrial production levels.
  • All industries
  • Feasibility studies
  • Production testing
  • Small-series production
  • Lab machine

The AF 50 is designed to accomodate a wide range of packaging types and products, covering basically everything you could possibly want to manufacture in the Food & Beverage or healthcare sectors. The processes are highly adaptable and run in semi-automated mode. Process parameters can be entered through the HMI, and subsequently reproduced for industrial production.

The AF 50 is extremely compact and fits into any lab. It is the ideal machine for feasibility studies and production tests as well as small-series production runs. The AF 50 is suitable for exact powder filling up to 50 grams – with the same configurable dosing times as in industrial production machines from Rychiger.

An auger with servo motor guarantees accurate and reproducible filling quantities. The machine can also be run in automatic mode with an optional powder feed system complete with screw feeder and vibrating chute.

Where certain tasks need to be performed by hand, operator safety and good ergonomics are particularly important. That is why the AF 50 is designed for control through an intuitive touch panel. For extra safety, a filling cycle can only be started with a two-hand control. 

With an AF 50, you get advanced technology at a competitive price. If you wish to produce a very limited number of samples of your new product for presentation to investors, you can lease an AF 50 from us. 

Practical handling: Manageable through the panel, you can configure appropriate settings.

Precise filling: With the auger, your product is filled completely without any waste.

Safe operating: Due to the manual operation, both safety and optimal ergonomics are given.


Filling weight up to 50 g
Format size up to Ø 120 mm
Dosing time400 ms

Technical data

Size0,8 x 0,61 x 1,9 m
Weight350 kg
Electrical ports
Voltage400 V / 460 V
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power3 kW
Fuse10 A

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