FS 1450

Maximum performance for maximum taste

The FS 1450 offers not only unrivaled precision for convenience food filling, but also maximum automation for exceptionally high output rates.
  • Up to 800 portions/min
  • Walking beam
  • Wet cleaning
  • Outstanding seal quality
  • Maximum automation

The FS 1450 is a high-performance machine for the precision filling of solids, powders, liquids and pastes. Based on the design of the popular FS 1100, the FS 1450 is in operation all over the world in high-output production plants.

The FS 1450 caters provides 8 to 16 lanes and 45 to 50 cycles/min, filling up to 800 containers per minute. As it can process containers of virtually any material and shape, the FS 1450 is particularly suitable for convenience food products as well as pet food. Thanks to maximum automation, there is virtually no operator intervention required.

One of the many unique features of the FS 1450 is the transport system with a walking beam that prevents product spillage inside the machine. The FS 1450 therefore meets the most stringent hygiene standards. Although the open design facilitates wet cleaning, this is rarely necessary. 

Like all linear inline machines from Rychiger, the FS 1450 has a modular design and is thus flexibly extendable. Its core modules include the punching and sealing module for perfect seal quality.

FS 1450

Sealing: We combine the best positioning of the lid to the can with perfect sealing quality.

FS 1450

Format change: The mold is completely extendable for easiest maintenance and format change.

FS 1450

Quality control: The FS 1450 controls product quality inline in various process modules.

Process illustration

FS 1450
  1. Container magazine
  2. Destacker in «Walking Beam»  transport system  (beam construction)
  3. Product filler 1 with integrated  container lift
  4. Product filler 2 with integrated container lift
  5. Heat sealing unit with lid feed from magazine (headspace gas flushing)
  1. Automatic filling of lid magazine from carousel
  2. Automatic sealing beam lift system  with side retractability
  3. Vision system
  4. Container inverter with integrated  tab bender
  5. Check weigher (single-lane drive)  
  1. Ink-Jet
  2. Reject-System  (single-lane drive)
  3. Pick-and-place system
  4. Sampling Drawer
  5. Drives and components (separated from process area)

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