FS 190

Flexible and compatible

Whatever containers you fill and seal, the FS 190 is ready. On the smallest footprint with the highest quality.
  • For all capsule systems
  • Up to 260 capsules/min
  • Footprint of less than 5m²
  • Ergonomically optimized and easy to operate

A smaller market volume or a dedicated product requiring the highest standards? That is the world of the FS 190. With the capacity of up to 260 capsules/min and proven quality, the FS 190 represents the ideal entry into the capsule market and the Rychiger world. 

Only Rychiger‘s long-standing experience allows combining maximum process precision and best accessibility on a minimal footprint. With up to 65 cycles on four lanes, the machine produces up to 260 capsules with your finest tea or coffee. Whether Nespresso compatible or other common formats such as Dolce Gusto or K-Cup and any proprietary format. No matter if plastic, aluminum or compostable materials - the FS 190 is flexible all around and adapts to your needs.

The well-designed compact machine is shipped to you ready to run. The control system, electrical cabinet, and safety casing are already integrated into the machine frame. The FS 190 requires very little space so that it can be installed practically anywhere. Despite its compact size, the machine has all key functions on board, including low-waste foil punching and one-stroke sealing technology for excellent sealing quality.

Higher capsule storage: Greater autonomy thanks to additional capsule storage.

Safe stacking: Whether aluminum or plastic, every type of capsule is safely stacked and separated.

Reduced foil waste: Optimum utilization of the cover band due to diagonally optimized band entry angle.

Performance details

Outer unit diameter35 mm55 mm
Unit height45 mm45 mm
Number of lanes44

Technical data

Size2,1 x 2,1 m
Weight2'100 kg
Electrical ports
Voltage400 V / 480 V
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power7 kW - 14 kW
The technical data may vary depending on the container dimensions, container shapes, filling material, material specification, and machine configuration.
Compressed air
Pressurep ≥ 6 bar
Volume15 Nl/min

Process illustration

  1. Destacker
  2. Dosing station
  3. Checkweigher
  1. Compacting
  2. Rim cleaning
  3. Punching and sealing station
  1. Capsule exit
  2. Rejects ejector
  3. Exit conveyor

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