FS 190 HS

The fastest rotary indexing machine available in the market

400 coffee capsules per minute and a footprint of less than 5 square meters speak for themselves: Providing up to 100 rotary cycles per minute, the FS 190 HS is way ahead of the competition.
  • Fastest rotary indexing machine
  • Up to 100 cycles/min
  • Up to 400 capsules/min
  • Footprint of less than 5m²
  • Optimised accessibility

The compact FS 190 HS is based on the popular FS 190, but offers higher output rates. Our latest model can run up to 100 cycles per minute. To achieve this, sealing is performed directly on the plate, as is the case with many machines. However, the FS 190 HS does this much faster. 

HS stands for high speed, and with the FS 190 HS, you can produce up to 400 tea or coffee capsules per minute. The model caters to Nespresso and compatibles, Dolce Gusto, K-Cup and other popular capsule types. The FS 190 HS can also process proprietary capsules. It handles all materials, from plastic and aluminum to paper.

Rotary indexing machines from Rychiger are known for their small footprint. The control unit and electric drive systems are integrated into the base frame. The machine is designed for optimized performance and minimum production waste.

All key machine functions such as the low-waste foil punching module and the coffee grinder of the filling module are integrated into a compact frame. The filled capsules are packed and palletized in separate downstream machines – also available from Rychiger.

FS 190 HS

Increased capsule storage: Higher autonomy due to additional capsule reservoirs.

FS 190 HS

Safe stacking: Whether aluminum or plastic, every type of capsule is safely stacked and separated.

FS 190 HS

Reduced foil waste: Optimized utilization of the foil band due to diagonally improved band entry angle.

Process illustration

FS 190 HS
  1. Destacker
  2. Dosing station
  3. Checkweigher
  1. Compacting
  2. Rim cleaning
  3. Punching and sealing station
  1. Capsule exit
  2. Rejects ejector
  3. Exit conveyor

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