FS 200

The perfect solution for clean room applications

For IVD, POC or gel cards, look no further than the FS 200. Designed for installation in clean rooms and equipped with a rotary indexing table, the FS 200 forms, assembles, fills and seals even the most complex products with great precision. 
  • Approved for clean room applications
  • Quick retooling
  • For medium to large series production
  • Ideal for IVD, POC and gel cards
  • 8 processing stations

The FS 200 is designed for the forming of complex aluminum-blisters, filling of powders, liquids or lyophilized beads under clean room conditions. Whether in-vitro diagnostics, point-of-care testing kits or gel cards – the FS 200 produces up to 240 units per minute. The FS 200 is equipped with eight stations arranged around the rotary indexing table, and has a footprint of just over two square meters. This compact machine handles everything from aluminum-blister forming, filling to punching and sealing. Should you require special processes, Rychiger would of course be delighted to design them for you and integrate them into your FS 200.

The FS 200 can be easily extended and upgraded. For filling, it can for instance be equipped with a smart trolley on which everything is prepared offline for a quick product change. If you require additional downstream processes, for instance for assembly, you might consider installing a second FS 200 as multiple units of this model can be easily arranged along the processing axis. The FS 200 is designed for optimum accessibility and easy cleaning. The drive compartment is completely separate from the processing area. In the production area, there are no sharp corners so that all surfaces are wipe-cleanable. Optional laminar flow guarantees that the process air is free of particles, so that your production meets even the most stringent regulations governing diagnostics production. 

FS 200

Clever separation of compartments: The product chamber is completely separate from the drive area, and modules can be flexibly arranged to suit your specific needs.

FS 200

Precision dosing: Filling trolleys with high-precision pumps allow for quick product changes.

FS 200

Product safety: All surfaces inside the product chamber are easy to clean. At the punching station, punch scrap is automatically extracted.

Process illustration

FS 200
  1. Work piece feeder (manual or automated)
  2. Filling and quality control
  1. Punching from roll
  2. Foil sealing
  1. Marking of the foil and quality control
  2. Output of units for quality control

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