FS 340

One machine for a wide range of products

Powders, liquids, freeze-dried beads and larger solids – with the FS 340, you can fill virtually any product. Run as many processes as are needed until your product is ready for sealing.
  • All-rounder for filling
  • Ideal for IVD, POC and gel cards
  • Up to 360 units per minute
  • Modular balcony design
  • Flexibly extendable

With the FS 340 from Rychiger, you can fill powders, liquids, freeze-dried beads and even bulk solids in as many processes as are needed. For in-vitro diagnostics, point-of-care testing kits and gel cards, it produces up to 360 units per minute. The FS 340 can be configured for any product size, as its transport plates can hold extremely large but also very small containers. These plates move through the machine along a structure that resembles a balcony.

As the FS 340 can be easily extended along the processing axis, it also caters to products that require a large number of processing stations – from filling to punching and sealing. Should you require special processes, Rychiger would of course be delighted to design them for you and integrate them into your FS 340. The design of the FS 340 is optimized for easy access and cleaning. The drive compartment is completely separate from the processing area. In the production area, there are no sharp corners so that all surfaces are wipe-cleanable. The FS 340 thus meets even the most stringent regulations governing diagnostics production. 

FS 340

Parallel processing of products of different size: Workpiece holders catering to multiple formats enable you to process two product sizes in a single production run.  

FS 340

Handling by optional robot: For the assembly of products, we offer models with robot arms. 

FS 340

Robots as an alternative: Robotic arms can also take over the handling of the products for assembly.

Process illustration

FS 340
  1. Destacker in slat transport
  2. Pick-and-place robot
  3. Vision system / optical sensor
  1. Punching and sealing tool incl. cover foil handling
  2. Printing process
  3. Drying process
  1. Exit by pick-and-place with integrated capsule reject
  2. Sampling

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