FS 800

Extra flexibility for clean filling

The FS 800 is the ideal solution for the filling of solids, pastes and liquids for the pet food and ready meal markets. Thanks to the walking beam, there is no risk of contamination.
  • Up to 400 portions/min
  • Walking beam
  • Wet cleaning
  • Outstanding seal quality

The FS 800 is an entry-level machine sold all over the world for the precision filling of solids, powders, liquids and pastes at a medium output rate. Its design is based on the larger FS 1100.

The FS 800 caters to 6 to 8 lanes and 50 to 55 cycles, filling up to 400 containers per minute. As it can process containers of virtually any material and shape, the FS 800 is particularly suitable for convenience food products as well as pet food.

One of the many unique features of this machine is the transport system with a walking beam that prevents product spillage inside the machine. The FS 800 therefore meets the most stringent hygiene standards. Although the open design facilitates wet cleaning, this is rarely necessary.

Like all linear inline machines from Rychiger, the FS 800 has a modular design and is thus flexibly extendable. Its core modules include the punching and sealing module for perfect seal quality.

Transport: The modular design allows scope for your application and the integration of multiple fillers.

Piece by piece: In the destacker system, cans are separated and transferred to the transport rail.

Clean walking beam: The transport system prevents product contamination from being carried over.

Performance details

*For pre-punched lids, the unit height measures 55 mm.
Outer unit diameter55 mm70 mm90 mm
Unit height*70 mm70 mm70 mm
Number of lanes876
Cycles/min50 - 5550 - 5550 - 55

Technical data

SizeDepending on machine design
Weight8'000 kg
Electrical ports
Voltage400 V / 460 V
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power30 kW / 60 kW
Compressed air
Pressure≥ 5 bar
Volume10 l/min
The technical data may vary depending on the container dimensions, container shapes, filling material, material specification, and machine configuration.
Cooling water
Volume3 - 5 l/min

Process illustration

  1. Container magazine
  2. Destacker in «Walking Beam» transport system
  3. Product filler with integrated container lift
  1. Foil feed from roll stock
  2. Punching and heat sealing with integrated MAP
  3. Exit slide
  1. Discharge conveyor according to customer needs
  2. Drives and components

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