FS 960 HV

In a class of its own

With an output of up to 2'000 capsules per minute and unrivaled availability, the FS 960 HV offers everything large producers are looking for.
  • Zero-stop production
  • Continuous capsule feed
  • Continuous foil feed
  • Minimum operator intervention
  • Up to 2'000 capsules/min

Based on the tried and tested design of the FS 910 and the FS 960, the FS 960 HV opens up new possibilities for large-scale production. HV stands for high volume. The FS 960 HV comes with two more lanes than the FS 960, pushing output to a new level of up to 2'000 capsules per minute. The model caters to Nespresso and compatibles, Dolce Gusto, K-Cup and other popular capsule types. The FS 960 HV can handle all materials, from plastic and aluminum to paper. In addition, we offer a range of special solutions.

Like the FS 960, the FS 960 HV is designed for 24/7 operation, with minimum scheduled downtimes and even less unplanned stops. Designed for easy access and unrivaled hygiene, there are less cleaning cycles required, while troubleshooting and repair are made easier.

Like all Rychiger inline machines with linear transport, the FS 960 HV can be upgraded for additional processes by adding extra stations, including integrated secondary packaging units.

FS 960 HV

Whether cutting filters or molding: The FS 960 HV carries out the processes with the highest procession in one tool.

FS 960 HV

Integrated Delta robots: They allow fast operations with precise repositioning of new parts.

FS 960 HV

100% quality inspection: Only products that meet the high quality requirements leave the machine.

Process illustration

FS 960 HV
  1. Container feeding system
  2. Destacker
  3. Inspection station
  4. Punching and sealing station for bottom membrane/lid
  5. Vision system
  1. Doser
  2. Checkweigher
  3. Inert gas chamber
  4. Rim cleaner
  5. Welding station for membrane/lid
  1. Inspection station
  2. Container inverter
  3. Exit by pick and place with integrated container reject

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