LT 20

Automation within a small footprint

The LT 20 allows you to produce automatically without requiring a large footprint. From small series to a medium-high output, you can always work in the production environment that suits you best.
  • Small footprint
  • ISO 8 compatible, GMP
  • Various cleanability levels
  • Zero to medium production runs
  • IVD, POC and ID cards

Following Rychiger’s tradition of modularity and industry-leading innovation in production machinery, the latest addition to the machine portfolio is the Linear Transport, or LT 20. The LT 20 is designed to fill and seal multi-well cassettes or cartridges in molecular diagnostic, clinical chemistry and immuno-haematology blood grouping ID gel card applications specifically aimed at operations requiring pilot manufacturing and small-medium production-scale operations of between 10 - 40 cartridges/min.  

The basic design is a stand-alone, compact machine footprint based around a linear conveyor platform that runs with optimised and modular in-feed, filling, sealing and labelling options for manual or automated operation. At the heart of the machine is a modular construction to allow a linear section to be added as an extension to the platform depending on the number of processes to be performed. As a standard, expandable platform developed for rapid configuration and installation, the LT 20 can be configured with a range of modular process stations suited to a particular IVD product line. 

Linear transport LT 20

Quality assurance: As with the big ones, the LT 20 also values the quality control of the product.

Filling of tiny products on the machine

Product diversity: Not only lyophilized products, but also liquids, gels, parts or powders can be dispensed.

Safe and foil-saving sealing

Product safety: Process modules are optimized to ensure reliability and cleanability.

Process illustration

Process illustration LT 20
  1. Bunker
  2. Vibratory feeder
  3. Electrical cabinet
  4. Inspection of empty product
  1. Dispensing 1
  2. Dispensing 2
  3. Dispensing 3
  4. Punching and sealing 1
  1. Punching and sealing 2
  2. Reject
  3. Exit conforming products

Can be produced on the LT 20

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