Clean and precise filling

Placing powders, liquids or solids in packaging – filling technology from Rychiger guarantees precise dosing and filling and eliminates the risk of contamination of the product and packaging.

Whether you are handling ground coffee or micro-dosed reagents: The smaller the packing unit, the greater the challenges in connection with dosing and filling. Precision is the keyword.

As a Food & Beverage producer or Healthcare product supplier, you know exactly what a filling machine must do for you. We have the solution that suits your needs.

All our machines are of a modular design and continuously monitor the dosing and filling processes.


Powder dosing

Powders come in many forms and consistencies. Rychiger offers optimized dosing technology for all types of powders. We design customized machines for your specific product, taking into account its density, moisture content, electrostatic charge, abrasivity and pourability. Our filling heads are designed to prevent the formation of dust, keeping the dosing area clean. Our powder dosing technologies: 

Auger dosing systems 

In our multi-lane filling machines, servo-driven endless screws transfer ground coffee, powdered milk, cocoa powder or bouillon granules in batches of between 2 and 6 grams through a hopper directly into the container.

Spinner plate

Spinner plates are particularly suitable for the fast and precise dosing and filling of naturally flowable products such as granulated sugar, black tea or instant coffee.

Volumetric powder dosing systems

For naturally flowable products with a low dosage weight, volumetric powder dosing is the preferred solution. In these systems, a plate with holes moves back and forth below the powder bunker, releasing the required volume into the container.

Piston dosing systems

Is your product of a pasty consistency? Or do you need to process liquids containing particles or lumps? In this case, we recommend using a piston doser that takes up the correct amount of product and places it in the container.

Our advanced dosing solutions enable you to fill any container with high precision and without spilling

Liquid dosing

Even when processing highly viscose products or suspensions that tend to separate quickly, we fill precisely. Should the machine stop for some reason, a special anti-settling technology developed by Rychiger prevents particles from precipitating. Following preconditioning by heating or mixing, our machines dose liquids with the following technologies:

Time-pressure systems

Do you wish to run filling processes along multiple lanes? Time-pressure systems are low-cost systems of limited complexity. To fill a liquid product on multiple lanes, all that is required is a shared pressure vessel and simple on/off valves.

Piston dosing systems

Do you require a high-precision filling solution? Then opt for our tried and tested linear and rotary piston dosing units designed for high-precision volumetric dosing.

Peristaltic pumps

Does your production involve frequent product changes? Do you need to prevent cross-contamination? Peristaltic pumps ensure optimum dosing and are easy to clean.

Optimized solutions for any application

Whatever the properties of your product, we offer solutions for any application in the Food & Beverage and the healthcare product sector, as these examples demonstrate:

Quick product change

Do you need to frequently change product? In this case, we propose opting for a filling station installed on a trolley. Such stations are essentially plug&play units that can be connected to and removed from the machine as required.

Parts packaging

Apart from filling machines for flowable bulk materials and liquids, Rychiger also offers assembly machines, for instance for the production of capsules. In addition, we have developed systems that are able to count the lyophilized spheres in bulk materials, and offer pick&place solutions for rack storage.

Testing before scaling

In a first step, we work with you to determine the flowability of your product, using one of our test units. The test results are then analyzed by our lab technicians in order to devise a dosing technology that best suits your process. We then optimize the design of the industrial plant accordingly, prior to assembly.

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Quality assurance
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Punching & sealing
Punching & sealing
Precise lid placement and tight seals
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