The right shape for your product

From filters in coffee capsules to special blister packs for IVD devices – our tools shape product parts made of paper, non-wovens, plastic or aluminum foil prior to filling. 

For the filling of small portion packs, it is often necessary to first form the parts of the packaging. We offer integrated tools for the forming of plastic and aluminum foil as well as paper and non-woven inserts.

Perfect forming with Rychiger tools

Having been involved in many development and industrial production projects, Rychiger has acquired huge expertise in forming. That is why we can offer optimized solutions for virtually all materials.

Filters made from paper or non-wovens

Cold or hot forming tools fold and shape the filter material for insertion into the coffee or tea capsule. By folding, the filter surface is increased, enhancing extraction. Excess material that cannot be stretched or shrunk is hidden inside the folds. Our forming technology for paper and non-woven filters has become the industry standard, and we are the preferred supplier of K-Cup contract packers.

Healthcare microfluidics

For medical microfluidic applications, we seal two foils together to form minute fluid channels. Thanks to our development experience in this specialized area, we were able to devise a unique process for optimized heat transfer from the sealing tools to the foil. We offer solutions for peelable and permanent seals.

Food & Beverage pads

For pads, we seal foil to foil instead of foil to capsule. As the plastic foil enters the heated forming tools, it becomes formable. With this process, our machines produce smooth coffee pads, which have become a popular alternative to capsules.

Capsules and blister packs

During its startup phase, Rychiger produced deep drawing tools for the forming and shaping of aluminum. Today, we apply this know-how to flat aluminum foils that are brought into shape with cold or hot tools – be it for coffee capsules, or special blister packs for reagents. Rychiger machines add value to your projects and products.

Alternative to injection molding

Formed foil packaging is a viable alternative to injection molding, as it requires less material and is more sustainable. In addition, the containers are formed just before they are filled, doing away with the costly transport of empties.

Take advantage of our experience

Do you wish to form a biodegradable or recyclable material? Does your product need to be filled into multi-layer foil containers including several barrier layers? Would you like to obtain a sample before making your decision? Then please contact us as early as possible during the development phase for your new packaging. We will then put our lab at your disposal, test your solution for proof of concept and make your product ready for serial production.

Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept
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Packaging material
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Punching & sealing
Punching & sealing
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