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We offer highly efficient labeling solutions for healthcare and Food & Beverage products. As always, top quality is our priority, and we make sure that products are labeled correctly and permanently for maximum traceability.

For correct, legible and permanent labels, you can rely on Rychiger machines. We guarantee maximum traceability of every single unit.

Information is key

Labeling ensures traceability Information about the product such as the best-before date, and the batch, serial and production lane codes are not only indispensable for end consumers, but are often a legal requirement. Many products must be fully traceable along the entire production process.

Labeling – but how?

Should you for opt printing or embossing? Is direct marking or indirect labeling more suitable for your product? If you are wondering what labeling method best suits your requirements, please talk to our experts who would be delighted to advise you.


Our filling and sealing machines can be equipped for letter and number printing onto aluminum foil lids. This integrated method is not only cost-effective but also uncomplicated.

Legibility is our first quality criteria. Fully automatic camera systems check whether the data is clear and correct.

Direct marking

To print the relevant data directly onto your product, we offer machines with integrated inkjet or laser printing systems. The printing method depends mainly on the color of the print and the material to be marked. Does your lid foil feature some pre-printed information? Our inline labeling solutions use thermal transfer printers to complement this information with variable data, such as the product name. Do you wish to apply codes invisible to the naked eye? Then we recommend laser etching or the application of a 1D or 2D barcode.

Label application

We offer a wide range of devices for inline or offline labeling, catering for any labeling speed, label size and application accuracy. Inkjet, thermal transfer or laser printers can be fully integrated into our labeling stations. Pre-printed labels are complemented with batch-specific data such as the best-before date, batch number and other specifications. For all our systems, we closely work together with specialist partners.

Quality is our priority

Incorrectly labeled products will be sorted out. In labeling, quality control can even take place before applying the label. With the Label Sort Out function, only the label becomes a reject - not the whole product. We help you position labeling at the right place in your value chain and select the right labeling technology. After all, it makes a big difference whether an already filled product becomes a reject or an empty one.

Optimized solutions for any application

Do you have special labeling requirements? We would be delighted to work with you in finding the best solution. These are just a few examples of what we offer:

Labeling in clean room

Our labeling systems are fully incorporated into our machines so that they meet stringent clean room requirements.

Flow of information

From where is the labeling data retrieved? Our solutions read the information directly from your SCADA, MES or ERP system. Rychiger even offers bespoke SCADA functionalities.


An automatically generated audit trail allows you to monitor production on an ongoing basis, and is indispensable for targeted recalls, should the need arise. Our labeling solutions make it easy to record and store the data.

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Technology partner
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