Quality assurance

Never compromise on quality

Rychiger provides everything you need for quality checks – self-learning cameras, sensors, high-precision load cells and much more.

Is the product filled to the correct level? Are all QR codes scannable? Are there scratches on the coffee capsules? Are the sealing temperature and pressure correctly set? To answer these questions, you need quality checks that return quantitative data indicating all deviations from the setpoint values. Certain issues can be answered with a simple yes or no, true or false.

Buyers of food&beverage or healthcare products expect goods of a consistent high quality standard. To achieve this, we integrate advanced checking and measuring devices at every relevant step in the process – inline, offline or as a combination of the two.

Rychiger can thus guarantee maximum performance and process safety. When incorporating QA equipment in our machines, we always make sure that the components can be easily cleaned and serviced. All quality assurance data is accessible right at the machine or stored in the cloud.

The best technology for your task

Rychiger offers QA technology for any task – from self-learning cameras and electronic sensors to high-precision load cells. Our range of standard QA equipment includes:


Sensors make sure that your products and components are handled and processed correctly. They check whether the product is present, correctly filled and properly positioned and aligned. Sensors also read barcodes and other 2D codes to prevent incorrect parts or materials from being processed. In connection with serialized products, they guarantee seamless traceability (track&trace).


Cameras keep an eye on the position and specific features of the product. They check whether the product is at the right place at the right time, and whether its shape meets the requirements. Using OCR, cameras can even verify the information printed on the product (OCV). They return accurate measurements of product sizes and distances between products, and detect surface defects such as scratches. Cameras see whether the containers are correctly filled, and record other visible properties of the product. You will be pleased to know that our camera systems are self-learning. They undergo a deep-learning process at our factory where we teach them to distinguish between OK and NOK parts, so that the built-in AI is able to detect even highly complex quality features.

Weight checks

Our load cells are linked to the filling modules and make sure that every capsule is filled with the correct amount of powder. They thus allow the system to take into account differences in the density of the powder. Load cells record the gross, tare and net weight of each capsule, in inline or offline mode. For liquid products, our load cells are able to run automated calibration procedures based on protocols. This saves not only time but also guarantees GMP compliance.

Process parameters in real time

For certain processes, it is simply not sufficient to perform downstream quality checks. That is why we offer solutions for real-time process parameter monitoring. The relevant results are displayed in the form of charts on the human machine interface (HMI). Crucial parameters include for example the sealing temperature, pressure and time, the vacuum for the pick-up of parts or the end positions of machine motions. For liquids, a key parameter is the flow, as it determines the dosing volume.

Ready for any application

Most of the in-process QA checks required by our customers can be covered by solutions we have already tried and tested elsewhere. As we constantly expand our know-how in this area, we are in a position to devise suitable technologies for new and highly specific requirements. As all our systems undergo a proof-of-concept procedure at our lab, you can be rest assured of maximum compliance in your serial production.

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