Motion spells success 

Your coffee capsules, reagent tanks or gel cards must be transported through the machine with maximum precision, care and speed. 

Rychiger offers transport systems for healthcare products, food and beverages customized for your containers, products and production outputs. Transport systems from Rychiger allow for fast product changes and modifications in the process sequence. All parts are easily accessible, and the overall machine is designed to take up as little space as possible. Whatever the layout of your production line – Rychiger has a solution that meets your needs:

Flexibility in the arrangement of your processes is guaranteed

Rotary transport system

Do you pack small or medium-sized batches of food or healthcare products? Then we recommend a rotary transport system or indexing table. These systems are suitable for both wet and dry filling. Their circular shape ensures excellent accessibility to all process modules. In addition, machine owners gain extra flexibility as regards the number and functions of the process modules installed in their plant. Some of our models have a footprint of less than 3 square meters and are thus just marginally larger than an office desk. Rotary transport systems are at the heart of the Rychiger machine platforms FS 190 / FS 190 HS and FS 200.

Oval motion system

Is hygiene one of your main concerns? Then you should opt for an oval motion system. In these systems, the drive unit is completely separated from the product handling section, ensuring extra cleanliness during the filling process. Our oval motion systems are particularly recommended where several sequential (dry or wet) processes need to be performed, as is the case with coffee, tea and many healthcare products. Oval motion systems are optimized for extra smooth running and can be equipped to cater for complex assembly tasks along the production line. A perfect example of a unit with an oval motion system is the Rychiger machine platform FS 340.

SLT (sequential linear transport) system

Do you need to fill liquids, pastes or solids into preformed packaging units? Do you require medium to high output rates? In this case, we recommend using a sequential linear transport or SLT system. SLT systems effectively prevent the transfer of product residue from one processing station to the next, and are designed for easy wet cleaning. SLT systems are a standard feature of the Rychiger models FS 800, FS 1100 and FS 1450.

Inline transport system

Do you need a high-output solution for the filling of single-serve capsules? Then we recommended an intermittent inline transport system with transport plates. And should you need additional processes at a later stage, your Rychiger machine and transport system can be easily upgraded with the necessary modules. Intermittent inline transport systems form the backbone of the Rychiger models FS 120, FS 910, FS 960 and FS 960 HV.

Asynchronous transport system

Do you wish to run cycled and continuous processes in a single machine, for instance for continuous labeling after cycled filling and sealing? We cater of course for such combinations and offer machines where the various workpiece carriers run along separate rails and are driven by separate motors. With this approach, we can devise solutions for any chosen lane layout. An asynchronous transport system is installed as standard in the Rychiger model MC 1400.

Linear transport system

Linear transport systems are suitable for virtually all food and healthcare products – dry or wet. If you wish to combine manual and automated processes in one unit and need to access the product from various points along the production line, we recommend using workpiece carriers attached to belts. A perfect example of a unit with a linear transport system is the Rychiger machine platform LT 20.

Multiple transport systems 

Does your product require more than one transport system? Rychiger combines multiple systems, for instance a rotary transport system and a finger conveyor, in a single production line.

Handling & assembly
Handling & assembly
At the right place at the right time
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Clean and precise filling
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Punching & sealing
Punching & sealing
Precise lid placement and tight seals
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