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Premium packaging for premium pet food

Quality pet food deserves perfect packaging. We have the right solution for your product, making sure that it meets the highest quality and safety standards. 

Are you a manufacturer of premium pet food on the lookout for a safe and efficient packaging solution? Do you need a machine that offers maximum seal quality? Do you want to change between various packaging formats? Do you wish to start production as soon as possible? Then look no further than Rychiger.

Time and again, our advanced solutions have set new standards in the pet food industry. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of customized packaging machines for the filling and sealing of aluminum and plastic pet food containers.

We assist you in finding the best packaging for your premium pet food and put our technical expertise at your disposal to turn your product idea into a success.

The best packaging for premium pet food

Having a pet is more popular than ever, and owners only want the best for their furry friends, shopping for premium products made from carefully selected ingredients. As consumers increasingly focus on quality, the packaging of pet food needs to meet ever higher standards.

One the one hand, the packaging must protect the product, and keep it fresh and tasty. On the other, it must be easy to open. Until feeding time, the lid must however remain firmly attached to the container. This can be achieved by choosing a packaging material with high barrier properties and investing in machines that guarantee perfect seal quality.

Over the last few years, preformed aluminum trays have become the packaging of choice for premium pet food. These trays come in sizes from 85 to 300 g, in line with standard pet food portions.

Clean filling and safe sealing

Do you produce wet food, dry food or both? As a leading specialist in filling and sealing technology, Rychiger offers filling and sealing machines for any type of pet food.

Our systems handle liquid, pasty or chunky products and even powders, placing them neatly in containers that are then tightly sealed. Rychiger dosing systems feature integrated weighing modules. On request, we also offer dosing systems with multi-head combination weighing units.

Do you wish to offer a packaging with optimum seal quality? Then you should talk to us. Our sealing presses work with forces up to 15 tons for extra tightness. To achieve perfectly tight seals at lids that can nevertheless be easily peeled off, combined with drip-free dosing, our machines are configured for optimized sealing time, pressure and temperature. The rejects rate of our production lines tends to be less than 1 in 10,000, and non-conforming products are reliably detected by seam checks that can of course also be performed inline.

State-of-the art barrier materials protect your premium product against adverse influences and keep it fresh and tasty. We have excellent business relationships with leading packaging material producers and work closely with them to design optimized solutions. Lids from roll stock or magazines? It's your choice.

Lid supply from roll or from magazines? We would be delighted to assist you in finding the best packaging solution for your unique product. As our machines are of a modular design, they can be customized to meet any requirements. If you opt for lids from roll stock, we offer punching modules with an inside cut option for lids that are actually smaller than the circumference of the trays.

Rychiger machines cater for a wide range of punching geometries for aluminum and plastic foils. Our unique foil guide system reduces foil scrap by 15 to 30 percent. In our machines, punching and sealing are performed in a single process, i.e. one stroke.

Designed for a long service life

Our machines are extremely durable and efficient. In addition, they are designed for short start-up times and high-precision temperature control at each individual lane.

Our plants are also extremely hygienic and optimized for quick and efficient wet cleaning. They can be easily adjusted to changing product, packaging or process requirements.

We are constantly reviewing our technology to keep pace with best engineering practice. As a result, our filling and sealing machines are continuously being upgraded. When you buy from Rychiger, you thus always acquire a state-of-the art machine that can be further extended with new features and technologies as the need arises. 

Your investment therefore keeps its value, as Rychiger machines are designed for extra durability. The average service life of our equipment is more than 30 years. Thanks to continuous improvement and upgrades, they remain up to date throughout their lifetime.

Ready for growth

We manufacture machine platforms that grow with your business. The Rychiger FS 800, FS 1100 and FS 1450 are all of a modular design. These rugged basic models are configured according to customer specifications and can be extended with additional filler modules.

We also offer a range of special solutions for format changes. Rychiger machines are optimized for minimum maintenance, and all wear parts are easily accessible for quick replacement.

The FS 800 is the ideal entry-level machine for serial production from 300 units per minute. If you require very high output rates, we recommend the FS 1450, which is currently the most powerful machine in the market catering for up to 12 lanes. For the filling and sealing of 100 g trays, it offers outputs of up to 660 units per minute.

Clean and precise filling
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Punching & sealing
Punching & sealing
Precise lid placement and tight seals
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FS 800
FS 800
Extra flexibility for clean filling
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