Tea ceremony at the push of a button

Green tea, black tea or infusion – every blend needs to be prepared in its own way. Intelligent tea capsules and brewing systems bring the perfect cup of tea to every home.

Are you looking for a way to optimize the brewing process in your tea machine? Do you wish to produce tea capsules and need help in choosing the right packaging material? Do you want to find the exact brewing parameters for the perfect cup of tea? Our experts put their know-how and experience at your disposal.

Rychiger is not only a leading supplier of filling and sealing technology, but has been involved from the very start in the development of capsule machines for beverages. In the process, our technicians acquired the specialist knowledge needed to assist you in developing a production concept for your own tea capsules. If required, we also work with you in designing a complete capsule system, from the tea machine and capsule design to the proof of concept and tailor-made machines for industrial capsule production.

Rychiger offers you a complete service pack, covering every step from product conception to industrialization. We are always up to date with the latest technical developments in the market, and work closely with trusted technology partners and suppliers.

Tea capsules – from luxury beverage to lifestyle drink

There are many different types and blends of tea. Introduced to Europe as a luxury drink, black tea contains up to 4.5 percent caffeine. For tea to develop its full aroma, it needs to be prepared correctly. This is no small task, as every blend has its own characteristics. If tea is steeped for too long, caffeine and tannins are released into the beverage, giving it a bitter taste, while its stimulating effect decreases. Other important factors are water pressure and water temperature. Again, the ideal pressure and temperature vary from blend to blend.

That is why it takes years of experience to brew the perfect cup of tea. Alternatively, one can leave it up to a tea machine and the right capsules. With a smart machine and capsules made from best materials containing a high-quality blend whose flavors have been preserved in the filling process, consumers can now produce a perfect cup of tea by simply pressing a button.

Tea has long become the preferred beverage of people who are committed to healthy lifestyle, and demand for special tea blends is growing rapidly, especially for products with functional ingredients and natural additives.

This is a market where tea capsules come to the fore, as the right aroma seal allows for the addition of vitamins and minerals to enhance green and black tea as well as other infusion ingredients. Superfoods such as curcuma and lemon grass turn tea into a healthy lifestyle beverage free of preservatives and artificial flavor enhancers.

Identifying challenges and finding solutions

What are the best brewing parameters for a particular tea blend? Which material should I choose for my tea capsules? How should I handle and package the tea to preserve its flavors for as long as possible? Rychiger knows your market and therefore also the challenges that you as a tea producer face. We however also know how to overcome these. With a keen eye on the latest trends and technologies, we assist you in finding the right solution for your product:

Defining brewing parameters: Each tea has its own secret recipe. We decipher it for you to help you define the perfect brewing parameters for your blend. With this information, we design your tea capsules and mark them with a code that is read by the tea machine. Based on this code, the machine will automatically adjust the brewing parameters to suit your blend. At the push of a button, the water is heated to the right temperature, while the tea capsule housing controls the pressure and volume of water passing through the leaves. Within a few minutes, consumers can enjoy that perfect cup of tea.

Finding the best packaging material: To make sure that consumers can enjoy the full flavor and health benefits of your tea product, it needs to be packaged correctly. The capsules must be air-tight and able to withstand high water temperatures. Plastics such as polypropylene have proven best suited for the task, as they are perfectly air- and water-tight and free of harmful substances.

You might ask whether plastic capsules fit a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We would say yes, as plastics are recyclable, and some are even suitable for molecular recycling so that old capsules can be broken down to a material from which new capsules can be produced without adding any fresh plastics. With molecular recycling, the material flows in a closed loop, and this is very much an idea that appeals to people who are committed to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Alternatively, you might opt for compostable capsules. As your partner, Rychiger helps you find the best packaging for your product and target market. Over the last two decades, we have worked with a wide range of different materials and know everything about their advantages and disadvantages. As part of our complete service pack, we will also put you in touch with trusted suppliers.

Preserving flavors – at any output rate

How can tea be packaged to retain its aroma and freshness for longer? As a specialist for filling and sealing solutions, Rychiger knows how this can be best achieved. To obtain a full flavor and optimum color, tea leaves must be harvested and sorted with great care. For tea capsules, the product must be filled in a process that protects its ingredients, and the capsules must be sealed airtight. That is where our knowledge and experience come to the fore. We know how your tea needs to be prepared for packaging, and work with you to find a complete solution that covers all processes upstream and downstream of capsule filling, including end-of-line packaging.

We develop machines that guarantee optimum seal quality. With Rychiger filling and sealing plants, you have full control over all process parameters, and our machines compensate deviations within defined tolerance ranges. Our technology makes sure that your tea retains is natural aroma so that its full flavor and color reach the cup.

Are you running a small tea factory and wish to bring your specialties to serial production? Or do you already produce tea capsules but want to boost your production output? Whatever your plans, we have the right solution for you, as our portfolio includes machine platforms for any production rate.

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