High-barrier packaging

Packaging that meets the highest standards

High-barrier packaging protects what makes your food&beverage or healthcare product so special. We are your reliable partner for development and production. 

Does your product need special protection? Do you wish to prolong its shelf life, preserve its flavors and protect its ingredients against oxygen, moisture or light?

Then you need a high-barrier packaging. As experts in this field, we would be delighted to assist you in finding the best solution for your product. Rychiger specializes in advanced technology for the filling and sealing of preformed containers.

We are familiar with the standards that govern the food&beverage and healthcare markets and offer special solutions that tick all the boxes. We cooperate closely with leading packaging manufacturers and offer machines for virtually any material.

Rychiger is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with both its customers and material suppliers. To produce a safe and lasting packaging that can nevertheless be opened easily by the end consumer, you need advanced barrier materials and precision sealing technology.

Packaging is the key to success

High-barrier packaging has long become the standard choice for medical technical and pharmaceutical products. Its benefits have of course also been recognized by food&beverage producers who need to protect their goods against moisture, oxygen and other external influences. High-barrier packaging protects flavors and keeps products fresh. Success depends however on the right choice of materials.

Aluminum packaging. Aluminum has many properties that make it indispensable as a packaging material for foodstuffs, beverages and healthcare products. It is very light, can be easily machined and is an excellent barrier material. Aluminum keeps out dust, germs, light and UV radiation, and protects your products against moisture, air and gas ingress.

Multi-layer plastic packaging. Plastic composites are widely used for containers and foils, as well as in technical applications. They offer many advantages, as they are chemically and thermally stable, transparent as well as resilient to bending. Plastic composites can be processed under mild reaction conditions and with roll-to-roll technology. Packaging made from multi-layer plastics or multi-layer composite materials have excellent barrier properties. Gases and vapors are kept out, while flavors remain sealed inside the packaging.

Compostable packaging. Compostable, i.e. fully biodegradable, packaging and coffee capsules became available in the market a few years ago. According to the manufacturers, they offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional capsules, and their production is CO2 neutral. There is however a downside, as the currently available biodegradable capsules do not protect the coffee against oxygen. This means that, in order to keep the product fresh, the capsules need an additional wrapper.

Less leakage, better protection

Many packaging solutions including foil packs and tubular bags tend to have weak points along their seals and are thus prone to leaking. Where the product can leak out, moisture and oxygen can enter the packaging, compromising the quality, safety and shelf life of the product.

Have you experiencing high leakage rates in your products? Or have your recent leakage tests returned unsatisfactory results? Are you looking for an alternative packaging for your product? Then you should talk to us.

Together, we can take action to eliminate leakage and to make leakage tests more efficient. We assist you in choosing the best packaging solution for your specific product, and put you in touch with leading material manufacturers.

With Rychiger as your partner, you will not only find the right packaging for your product, but also the matching packaging machine. We assist you step by step with our unique know-how and experience in processing technology. We make sure that you achieve optimized processability combined with minimum waste and maximum efficiency.

Excellent barrier function for food and beverages

For more than 60 years, Rychiger has been specializing in the filling and sealing of aluminum containers. Since the launch of coffee capsule systems about 20 years ago, Rychiger has been supplying the industry with filling and packaging machines for capsules made in aluminum, multi-layer plastic composites and biodegradable materials. We rightly see ourselves as pioneers, and always keep a keen eye on the latest trends in technology and the marketplace. Thanks to this forward-looking approach, we have the capability to assist you in turning your ideas into successful products. Pilot production runs are of course part and parcel of what we do.

Unrivaled sealing quality. We know what is important for proper packaging, and constantly develop new solutions. Our advanced technologies offer best possible seal quality, as Rychiger machines make sure that you have full control over all sealing parameters. They work with high sealing pressures to compensate for differences in individual containers and deviations between different containers.

Stringent requirements for packaging of healthcare products

Standard machines are often unable to meet the specific requirements that govern the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. We are highly experienced in these fields and know the industries and their standards. That is why we are the ideal development partner for your project. If you engage us from the very start, we can support you in all process development steps, as well as in the industrialization of your production and the packaging of your product. In many cases, our partnerships with manufacturers result in customer-specific process modules.

High-barrier trays. In cooperation with Amcor and Constantina, two leading providers of packaging solutions for the healthcare industry, Rychiger has developed a tray that meets the strict requirements of the industry as it is not only strong and sterilizable, but also suitable for printing. Thanks to the excellent barrier properties of aluminum and tight foil lid seals, the packaging protects products from light, moisture and oxygen. A desiccant placed inside the trays absorbs any residual moisture for extra safety. The packaging is produced under GMP conditions and can be modified to meet customer specifications. It is particular suitable for products that require extra mechanical protection and a strong barrier.

Innovation, development and lab support

Are you about to embark on a new project? Do you already have a prototype you wish to serialize? Working together with Rychiger means eliminating risks, as you can pick and choose the services you need from us. We know what the market expects and work with you to develop scalable functional and process modules that suit your needs. We help you produce prototypes and technical samples for customers, and assist you in drafting feasibility studies and testing methods for proof of principle. At our lab, we run your test series and carry out statistical evaluations. In short: we are there for you – when and where you need us.

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